Driving transformation: the power of Land trusts in african nova scotian communities

We're Hosting a Solutions Lab

The UHPCLT is hosting a two-part workshop series to bring the community of Upper Hammonds’ Plains together to talk about the future of Land Trusts in our community. These sessions are hosted as part of a Solutions Lab in partnership with the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation, and supported by SHS Consulting and Courage Communications. 

This initiative is a step towards empowering our community to reclaim control of our historic settlement lands, fostering economic prosperity, while deepening our understanding and respect for the legacy and rights of the Mi’kmaq who first stewarded this land.

The Lab’s primary goal is to tackle systemic barriers in establishing a community land trust within Upper Hammonds Plains. Our conversations will help us make critical moves forward to: 

  • Evolve land conveyance policies. 
  • Define membership for the UHPCLT.  
  • Determine how land can be used to meet our community’s current and future housing needs.
  • Incorporate a broader perspective on land ownership and stewardship. 
  • Begin to understand and consider the principles of Indigenous stewardship of land. 
  • Ground our approach for the UHPCLT in community engagement, emphasizing mutual respect and collaboration. 

This process is a pivotal moment to learn, connect and contribute to a groundbreaking conversation that will change the way we view land in historic African Nova Scotian communities, paving the way for a future that respects both our community’s growing and changing needs and fosters a deeper connection to our history and the land.

solutions lab prep package

Familiarize yourself with this information package and begin to reflect on what you envision for the Upper Hammonds Plains Community Land Trust. Click the button below to read.

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