We serve the community of Upper Hammonds Plains

We aim to demonstrate the process of implementing a community-led, affordable housing focused Community Land Trust in Eastern Canada that will serve a historically African Nova Scotian community. The Upper Hammonds Plains Community Land Trust (UHPCLT) will provide opportunities for residents of Upper Hammonds Plains to access affordable rental housing and pathways to homeownership through people-centered housing designs.  

Our objective is to document the CLT implementation process, including the incorporation and construction of a registered charity; selection of the board; development of a multi-year strategic plan; hiring of staff and the acquisition of the first UHPCLT asset. By documenting the key activities that contribute to the successful implementation of a CLT, we will be able to identify challenges and lessons learned that would be shared with other CLTs operating in a similar context.  

After documenting and completing the foundational work required to set-up the UPHCLT, we will test the CLT model by acquiring land parcels from residents and government in addition to determining the highest and best use of a 1,100-acre tract of communal land. Our project will positively affect residents by providing them with safe, adequate, sustainable, and affordable places to live. We believe that by highlighting what is possible through the UHPCLT, we will inspire and support some of the other 50 historically African Nova Scotian communities in Nova Scotia to take control of land and build economic prosperity. 
UHPCLT will create affordable housing solutions that are accessible both financially and physically and bring together professionals, stakeholders, and governments to create innovative and environmentally sustainable projects. Most importantly, UHPCLT brings together and empowers our community to learn about land management, take part in development, and work together to build incredible housing projects. 


We’d like to give a special thanks to all of our partners that make the Upper Hammonds Plains Community Land Trust Possible.