WELCOME TO Upper Hammonds Plains Community Land Trust

Preserving and protecting our historic community


At the heart of our mission in Upper Hammonds Plains lies a profound connection to our ancestors’ resilience, their struggles for justice, and their aspirations for a better life. Our passion for our home is deeply rooted in the stories, achievements, and enduring spirit of those who laid the foundations of this vibrant community. As descendants of the original settlers, we are committed to honoring their legacy through active preservation and protection of our rich history and cultural heritage.

Our approach is holistic, integrating the preservation of our environment with the promotion of community engagement and education. Through UHPCLT, we are safeguarding the essence of Upper Hammonds Plains, ensuring that development respects our values and the profound connection to the land that defines our community. We see this as a journey of collective empowerment, inviting collaboration from all who share our vision. Together, we can forge a legacy of unity and prosperity, proving that with dedication and community spirit, we can overcome challenges and achieve remarkable progress for generations to come.


We’d like to give a special thanks to all of our partners that make the Upper Hammonds Plains Community Land Trust possible.


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